Amazon Car

Product Management / May 2022


Analytical understanding at every level is very important and I pride myself on been analytical, great team player and flexible in work areas. As an experienced developer and digital marketer, I am a highly driven team player focused on creating trust with users while ensuring dominance of product in the marketplace.




Product Management

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As an entry-level Product Manager, I was tasked with a preparing a hypothetical product for Amazon. The product set to be designed was named Amazon Car. It was an online purchase system for cars with a financial servicing feature. This means users had the opportunity to purchase a car using a loan and pay back in installments.

As the Product manager, I was tasked with conducting market analysis, user interviews, creating user stories, features from user stories, product prioritisation and product strategy. Designing the product wireframe and assigning metrics to track the product was a major factor of the product development. Three (3) User interviews were carried out and these interviews gave birth to user stories.

Features were developed from user stories and the MVP of the system was created. For prioritization, the MSCW Framework was used and as well as the Pirate Framework (AARRR Framework). A/B Testing was carried out to test its importance.

A well structured layout of the most important features to start development from and estimated effort to be included for each feature was derived. A well structured product design wireframe was delivered, giving the UI/UX Designer a perfect structure to work with.


The final structure of the product is described and collated in the document. To access please click on the button.

The wireframe of the product can also to be viewed below.